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3 bedrooms flat, Place des Vosges, Le Marais from $1,970/night

History breathes life into one of Paris's grandest apartments, at its most exquisite address on the Place des Vosges.


Personal Assistant - Paris Concierge

Customer service represents the heart of our brand in the hearts of our guests. Our goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary.


2 bedrooms flat, Eiffel Tower District from $940/night

This is the City of Lights just as you imagine it. Here, the Eiffel Tower isn’t a destination to trek to: it rises just outside your apartment window.


2 bedrooms flat, Saint-Germain, Left Bank from $1,600/night

Look in any direction at Elegance and find an element of intrigue—be it a 16th century de Medici cabinet or a gilded bronze table created for Napoleon III.


3 bedrooms flat, Le Marais, Right Bank from $1,920/night

From its palatial views of the Seine to its intricate and tactile details, Boudoir presents Parisian grandeur set in the Marais.

INSIDER TIPS Little Red Door - Bar 60 rue Charlot 75003

A haven for cocktail lovers and a place to unwind. Inspired by the American bars of Prohibition but perfectly at home in Paris, they bring the best of both worlds together. They’ve reinvented the cocktail bar for anyone who enjoys a quality cocktail in a relaxed atmosphere. By fusing the French art of décompression with the clandestine feel of the speakeasy, it’s a sanctuary from the city.


2 bedrooms flat, Eiffel Tower, Trocadero District from $1,025/night

When Haussmann was appointed by Napoleon III to reimagine the city, this was what he had in mind: opulent buildings lining wide boulevards.


3 bedrooms flat, Saint-Germain, Left Bank from $2,400/night

Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a history so rich, the master suite is built around the remains of a medieval cloister. Avant-Garde is the last say in cultural living: a rare book collection and antique art can be found in this architecturally unique triplex.


3 bedrooms flat, Latin Quarter, Left Bank from $1,410/night

Tucked into the streets of residential Paris, this expansive apartment presents an ideal showroom space or accommodations for a large group.

INSIDER TIPS Les Papilles 30 rue Gay Lussac 75005

In the Latin Quarter, down the street from the Jardin du Luxembourg, this quaint little bistro is a safe bet for lunch or dinner in an otherwise touristy neighbourhood. It has a playful yet old-world ambiance, with colorful mosaic floors, wooden curios and a zinc bar .


4 bedrooms flat, Saint-Germain, Left Bank from $2,240/night

In a corner apartment above Paris’s most famous brasseries, contemporary art lives among refined furnishings and chic Bohemian flair.


3 bedrooms flat, Le Marais, Right Bank from $910/night

On the outskirts of the Marais, a ten-minute walk from the center of Paris, find a three-bedroom penthouse crowned by a rare rooftop terrace.


2 bedrooms flat, Saint-Germain, Left Bank from $1,230/night

Original world art is the soul of this art collector’s two-bed, two-bath triplex at the edge of the Luxembourg Gardens. Packed with custom pieces, down to its hand-welded doorknobs, this is a residential museum of contemporary art.

INSIDER TIPS Le Bon Saint Pourcain 10 rue Servandoni, 75006

The intimate venue reflects the privileged air of its neighborhood, with the peaceful charm of the beaux quartiers. The restaurant also feels delightfully secluded in its position on the short Rue Servandoni, its midnight blue facade standing out between the Église Saint Sulpice and the Jardin du Luxembourg.  The interior feels light and airy with its white linen tablecloths and exposed stone walls.


3 bedrooms flat, Latin Quarter, Left Bank from $1,390/night

Jewel tones and statement furnishings combine with a collector’s gallery of original art at this apartment on the Seine, which calls the Notre Dame Cathedral its neighbor.


2 bedrooms flat, La Madeleine, Opéra-Vendôme from $850/night

Rising above the Place de la Madeleine, this apartment offers a coveted address and an open-air terrace that puts you face-to-face with the striking La Madeleine—one of the most beautiful perspectives in Paris.


3 bedrooms flat, Le Louvre, Opéra-Vendôme from $990/night

Here is how to find Coquette: after relishing in the Louvre’s masterpieces, wander five minutes west until you find a pair of arches. If they open onto a stunning courtyard paved with old stone, you’re in the right place.

INSIDER TIPS Nose 111 boulevard Beaumarchais 75003

Born from a team of beauty professionals and enthusiasts, Nose is centered around a single idea: running personalized perfume diagnostics. With a surface of 175 m2, the store is located right in the middle of Paris’s 2nd arrondissement. Nose offers an exceptional collection with more than 50 brands of rare perfumes, cosmetics and home fragrances, as well as perfume diagnosis to discover what's best suited for you.


3 bedrooms flat, Saint-Germain, Left Bank from $880/night

Three bedrooms, two bathrooms in the middle of the historical and bustling Saint-Germain district. You will definitely be happy to get back here after a long stroll in such a wonderful, buzzing area!


1 bedrooms flat, Refined charm with postcard Paris views from $525/night

Draw back the curtains to reveal front-stage views of the Seine and Notre Dame. This is where the city began: in the Latin Quarter, with 400-year-old buildings lining narrow streets, and Notre Dame presiding over it all. The view is yours.

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